A study on the interdisciplinary stage construction, playing with the different elements that compose it (actor-body, spectator, space, time), to explore the limits of the theatrical and question the idea of ​​representation. Articulating the concepts of scale, virtual presence and real action, we will elaborate our own materials and speeches that exploit their scenic potential. In my work I am increasingly away from the idea of ​​method or system, from something closed that is pre-established and that is always governed by rules or steps to follow. When I approach a creation I try to start a search that, starting from a definite point, takes us to unexpected places. Which means that the end result will be the consequence of this real research and not a preconceived idea in our head that we try to materialize. And this is what we will seek to experience in the workshop. For this we will use objects that allow us to go out of the real scale and look at the scene from other perspectives, analyzing all the elements of the theatrical equation. We will use movement and improvisation as tools, looking for the physical answer and observing how the body / object reacts to our questions, the activity and the silence they generate, to try to find our own way of cooking.

«… homemade food … cook for friends … I don’t look at recipes, or labels, nor do I go to the supermarket for the ingredients that I imagine … improvise something with what you have, with what’s left in the fridge … there are thousands of ways to do it. paella, and never two paellas come out the same … I’m interested in the virtuosity of the clumsy, and the clumsiness of the virtuous … failure as a creative engine … and not taking it too seriously … not drawing conclusions … I love the ellipsis … «