“Happin.es” (2009)

Created, directed and performed by: David Espinosa and Africa Navarro.

With the collaboration of: Santos Martínez, Diego Dorado, Sergi Faustino, Vicente Arlandis and other friends or unwise.

Production: El Local Espacio de Creación and Festival Escena Abierta de Burgos 2010

Distribution: M.O.M.-El Vivero Coaching.

with the support of: Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, el Consell Nacional de les Arts de la Generalitat de Catalunya, y el Ajuntament de L’Hospitalet del Llobregat.

Continuing the search which opened in the previous project “deliriosdegrandez @”, a work in which software tools were used to develop a stage action that spoke of triumph and failure, we flip the approach and now use a language stage in a broadcast through the network … Manipulate reality through an ironic, trying to question everything that we set as standard, as a novelty or as an alternative, which aims to highlight the paradoxes and contradictions of the human being, and therefore what we said as art and culture … We approach the feel of live work from a distance, from the virtual image, further input breaks with the canons of spectacular. No lights that enhance the scene, no refined transitions, not the actor’s virtuosity, no magic. Sound and low quality, as it flows through the network, pure content, which may further cut, hang, reboot, and that does not create a problem in communication with the viewer. Generate the complicity of a chat with a friend, in which ramble and share our concerns, in which the notion of time expands and moves away from the emergency stage, and in which many times have we dare things they never would say in the face. Maximum absolute reality in fiction, the paradox posed by the network, which leads many to have unknown friends, lovers who have never kissed, and not sharing household families, who come together in a chat to celebrate Christmas.