«La Triste Figura (phantastische variationen über ein thema ritterlichen charakters)» (2015)
A performative installation about the use of imagination and its relation to perception and meaning, based on the novel Don Quixote of la Mancha. The reader/spectator will explore the dichotomy between reality and fiction, the relationship between image and sound, the perception dysfunctions that lead to madness. A formal game which will enhance our ability to imagine, always trying to keep the sense of humour so praised in Cervantes’ work. Connected to the idea of a polyphonic novel, the installation will be characterized by the baroque and simultaneity, a worldview that interprets reality from several points of view whilst overlapping without prejudice vulgar language with poetry, comedy with tragedy, philosophy and satire.

Creation and artistic direction: David Espinosa
Collaboration: África Navarro, Carlos Aladro, Carlos Valverde and Carol Bonfim
Stage design: David Espinosa / Carlos Valverde / Max Glaenzel
Sound and music: Santos Martínez / David Espinosa
Video: Diego Dorado / David Espinosa
Production: El Local E.C. /If Barcelona / Festival Marionnettes du Neuchatel
Supported by Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Distribution and executive production: Marta Oliveres / M.O.M.-El Vivero