«Hekinah Degul» (2013)
The project is an interactive installation that derives from the performance «My Great Work», in which we constructed a large-scale
show H0 scale, using miniatures human figures.
«Hekinah Degul» are the words that the inhabitants of Lilliput shouted at Gulliver when he woke up. We took Swift’s novel as the
basis for raising various fictional scenes that take places in real spaces, using human figures from scale model trains as characters,
and relating them to real people and objects at another scale, creating materials that explain the proposal, which complement it or that open new discourses, in order to boost further questioning of the spectacularity, and the boundaries of theater.

Created and directed by: David Espinosa
Collaboration: Africa Navarro, Diego Dorado
Sound and music: Santos Martinez / David
Stage design: David Espinosa / Air Models and
Architecture Projects.
Video: Diego Dorado / David Espinosa.
Production: El Local E.C. / Festival Escena
Contemporanea 2013, in collaboration with the
Department of Culture of the Generalitat de
Distribution: M.O.M.-El Vivero