My Great Work (an ambitious project)» (2012)
My Great Work is what I would do if I had an unlimited budget, the largest theater in the world, 300 actors on stage, a military orchestra, a rock band, animals, cars and a helicopter. In “Mi Gran Obra” we plan to build a large-scale show, sparing no expense, developing all the ideas that come up however expensive they could be, material and unlimited artistic team. But, obviously, with a slight draw back: a scale. Continuing our questioning of the limits of theater and deepening the interest of previous projects on the idea of ​​performing, in this work we try to create a situation in which to question the meaning of major projects, artistic creations that handle high budgets and whose real cultural value is rarely demonstrable.

Created and directed by: David Espinosa
Performers: David Espinosa / Cia. Hekinah Degul
Assistant Director: Africa Navarro
Music and sound: Santos Martinez / David Espinosa
Stage space: David Espinosa / AIR models and architecture projects
Production: El Local EC. / CAET, in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya
Distribution: MOM-El Vivero
Project grant from the artists in residence program of Bilbaoeszena.