«Much ado about nothing» (2014)
The most arbitrary, gimmicky, artificial, and empty version of the William Shakespeare’s collected works. A delirious visual work that speculates with performance conventions, through figures and objects loaded of adventure, romance, lust, war, tragedy and power. An ironic game of light and shadows with a lot of references to movies, comics, art, and the history of theatre.

Created and directed by: David Espinosa
Performance: David Espinosa
Collaboration: Africa Navarro
Sound and music: Santos Martinez / David Espinosa
Stage design: David Espinosa / AiR
Video: Diego Dorado / David Espinosa
Production: El Local E.C. / Festival Clásicos en Alcalá / C.A.E.T. Terrassa
Distribution: M.O.M.-El Vivero