Throughout these years we have done projects with artists from diverse backgrounds, collaborating in the creation of shows, short pieces and research processes. (La Procesadora, Pompeia, Space Invaders, Bipol·art, Per amor a l’Hart, Desaladas Club, La Pajarera, Enterrats en viu, La Triplé…)
Our infrastructure in Barcelona has also served for many groups and artists from around the world to develop their own projects.
(Damián Muñoz, Silvia Sant, Rosa Muñoz, Sonia Rodriguez, co. The last fish, Sonia Gomez, Andres Olatz, Sonia Rodriguez, Elena Albert, Teo Baró, Standstill, Maria Montseny, Sergi Faustino, Roger Bernat, Maria Stamenkovic, Quim Pujol, Cristina Blanco, Jorge Dutor y Guillem Mont de Palol, among others)