David Espinosa (Elche, 1976) Bachelor of acting by E.S.A.D. Valencia in 1998. Since 1994 studying Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, CI and Capoeira in Valencia, Brussels and Barcelona. Performer in different dance and theatre companies: Alex Rigola, Sergi Faustino, Mal Pelo, The Malqueridas, Osmosis cie. (France), Lapsus-Alexis Eupierre, Sonia Gómez / General Elèctrica, Paul Weibel, Carles Alberola, among other.
In 2006 in Barcelona, David Espinosa and the dancer Africa Navarro created the Cultural Association «El Local Space of Creation», the main objectives of which are: encourage the development stage, providing a physical space to provide emerging artists to achieve their projects, enhance exchange and creation between artists from different disciplines, and disseminate the creation and moving it closer to a lay audience. Tasks that have tried to accomplish through educational workshops, research processes and stage settings:
Much ado about nothing (2014), Mi Gran Obra (un proyecto ambicioso) (2012), Desconcierto nº1 para teclado y fracasado (2011), La Procesadora (2010), Felicidad.es (2009), Deliriosdegrandez@hotmail.com (2008), Desaladas Club (2007) and Propiedad Privada (2005), the installation Hekinah Degul (2013) and the street shows Summertime (2008) and Agonías de lo imposible (2006).
In these years we have regularly taught improvisation techniques and creation moving in different areas of the city (Area, Olga Tragant, La Poderosa, Barceloneta Civic Centre, Eolia …) and have taken courses and workshops throughout the Spanish state (C.A.E.T., Teatro de la Abadia, Corral de comedias Alcalá, Centro Parraga Murcia, Area, Botànic Espai de Dansa, La Caldera, Mudances Aula Pedagógica, Centro Coreográfico de Leon, Escola Municipal Celrà, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Olga Tragant, Sala Cuarta Pared, Estudio 3, Lanónima Imperial …) and abroad (Senegal, Indonesia, Portugal, Mexico, Guatemala, San Salvador…)