We did not want to make a shadow show, but a show’s shadow. A show about death. A shadow that dies.
And we began the creation surrounded by death.
Of course, we did not intend to directly talk about mourning, about pain, suicide, the loss of a child, heartbreak, the passage of time, decadence, the apocalypse, hell, afterlife, reincarnation, the soul, about religion … Rather we imagined it as a great Vanitas, a still life that reminds us of the ephemerality of everything, through symbolic objects, lights and shadows. An ironic formal game that speaks to the subconscious through play. A little macabre, a little absurd, walking in the gloom. A dark street. The shadow street.

Concept and direction:
David Espinosa, with the collaboration from Jordi Casanovas and Africa Navarro
Created and performed by:
David Espinosa y Jordi Casanovas
David Espinosa
Co-produced by:
David Espinosa, Sala Hiroshima and La Faktoria choreographic center

with the collaboration from Teatre Artesà del Prat de Llobregat