David Espinosa (Elche, 1976) Bachelor of acting by E.S.A.D. Valencia in 1998. Since 1994 studying Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, CI and Capoeira in Valencia, Brussels and Barcelona. Performer in different dance and theatre companies: Alex Rigola, Sergi Faustino, Mal Pelo, The Malqueridas, Osmosis cie. (France), Lapsus-Alexis Eupierre, Sonia Gómez / General Elèctrica, Paul Weibel, Carles Alberola, among other. In 2006 creates with Africa Navarro «El Local Espacio de Creacion», a private structure based in Barcelona to develop their own creative projects, shows, installations and divulgative pieces, which began transiting the borders of the body and the word, introducing technology as a scenic tool, to later replace the actor, the physical presence, by the use of the object. At the same time, in addition to collaborating with other artists, in these years he has developed a pedagogical work, with courses and workshops on creation in movement and improvisation techniques, in various institutions and training centers.